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How do you strike the right balance between brand marketing and performance marketing?

With increasing pressure on marketers to deliver more results with less budget, striking the perfect balance between investing in targeted short- and long-term activities seems […]

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Anusha | February 17, 2022

In-Stream Tracking

In the era of continuous evolving digital medium with more data-set but less real-time-decision, the purpose of measurement tool is to provide actionable insights to influence the […]

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Anusha | February 19, 2021

Search Connect

When it comes to media planning, balancing push & pull medium is the need of the hour, and two platforms that need handshake is Display […]

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Anusha | January 27, 2021

Demystifying VAST and VPAID Video Formats

We all know that videos are possibly the most engaging and effective medium of Digital Advertising when compared to other formats such as Display Banners, […]

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Rahul Joshi | January 22, 2021

Personalize Everywhere, All the Time, With Sizmek Dynamic Creative

Digital consumers are evolving rapidly. Generic marketing ‘noise’ that disrupt their lives are screened out by these digital natives. The only way to connect with […]

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Neha Shekhawat | December 25, 2020