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Announced at unBoxed 2022

Sponsored Products launches expanded product targeting Advertisers can now access expanded product targeting for Sponsored Products through the advertising console and Amazon Ads API. Expanded […]

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Venkat | December 6, 2022

Amazon Advertising Trends and Updates for 2022

If you are running Sponsored Ads on Amazon you’re probably familiar with Amazon’s ad reports. You’re also aware that access to this data is not […]

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Anusha | November 4, 2022

How can agencies up their value game in a data-driven world?

Brands recognize that success in today’s data-driven world depends on better use of marketing insight. But as more and more aim to bring campaigns, reporting, […]

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Anusha | September 28, 2022

Mission Possible: How Sellers Can Thrive Despite Amazon Fee Increases

When Amazon announced plans to increase fees for marketplace platform services on January 18th, 2022, mid-Q4, no less, there was a collective sigh of resignation […]

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Anusha | September 6, 2022

Lessons We Learned from Boomerang Clients

In the world of retail media and marketplace advertising, great sellers track every dollar spent or made across their business. Many come to QUARTILE after […]

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Anusha | June 21, 2022